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Mailafiya Foundation

Who we are

We at Mailafiya Foundation create programs and invest in people and organizations that harness the best impulses of entrepreneurship, and innovation, to drive exponential impact.

Mailafiya Foundation

What we do

We as the promoters of empowerment for women and children believe the government need support in alieviating poverty at grassroots.

Mailafiya Foundation

Why we do it

We believe that change can be achieved by organization and a combined effort of both the public and private sector.

Our Quality Policy

And say you. 'Work on, now Allah will behold your work and so His messenger and the Muslims'
(Qur’an :: Surah At-Tauba Verse 105)

In the light of the Godly guidance inspiring The Mailafiya Foundation through the care and HARD WORK by the founder, Hajiya Halima Abubakar, we vow to keep on carrying charity works, contribute to enhancing the welfare, social and economic well-being of people and provide outstanding and high quality services that can accommodate the requirements and needs of all those benefiting from the organization’s various services.

Our Programs

Additional Features

Add Ons
$20/2 hours per month – time bucket
$50/5 hours per month
$100/10 per month
$50 per month
$100 per month x 5 emails
$50 per account per month, choose accounts
Analytics $20 / month

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